Aaron Brooks Is An Open Book

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(Credit: An Indoor Lady)
(Credit: An Indoor Lady)

Words by Dave, Audio by Valerie

Aaron Brooks’ describes his past as appreciative, and himself as an open book both on and off the stage.  The interviews he made with Valerie Lopez are indicative of this openess. What’s great about these interviews is how he enlightens Valerie Lopez to the processes of  writing, joke crafting and how they differ from each other. He also talks about his very personal style of fearless comedy.

The St. Louis-ish native killed it his first time on stage at a 7th grade talent show telling Gallagher jokes. Officially he got his start at the St. Louis Funny Bone Comedy Club but it was quickly put on old. In 2008 he put the hammer down on his comedy career, found a club, with an owner who took a shine to the young Brooks and… and you’ll have to listen to part one of his interview with Valerie Lopez:

Aaron Brooks: The Past

After getting professional advice from Jesse Joyce and talking with Mike Macrae and JR Brow, Aaron Brooks decided to move to Austin in 2012. He immediately got signed to the Out of Bounds Comedy Fest, and quickly found open mics. Brooks’ time in Austin has been very productive for him and even landed him a guest spot on the RISK! Podcast with a story that is mind blowing. There is so much more too:

Aaron Brooks: Current

Co-hosting Bounce House at the Spider House Ballroom with Danny Palumbo, performing at showcases and open mics, and shooting videos with Pat Dean and Dusty Svehlak makes Brooks a very busy guy. So if you want to see where he’ll be, check out his website, or his Twitter feed.

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