Bad Example: Performing Sketch Comedy With the Big Boys

Head shot of Jeff Whitaker
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Head shot of Jeff Whitaker
Jeff Whitaker is the ambitious founder of Bad Example (Credit: Julie Cope Photography).

I recently heard an episode of the Nerdist podcast where Chris Hardwick was interviewing Kevin Smith. In it, Smith told the audience that if they wanted something to happen, to simply do it. I did that with this site, and Jeff Whitaker did it with his sketch comedy group, Bad Example.

Jeff Whitaker Dreamed of Sketch Comedy

In 2013, Whitaker wanted to start a sketch comedy group, so he did. Naming it Bad Example, he began to assemble a group of performers representing a variety of comedy styles and backgrounds. They originally launched the show as a monthly event at The New Movement Theater but has grown it to be a weekly show.

The fully assembled team of Whitaker, Roxy Castillo, Michael Foulk, Vanessa Gonzales, John Buseman (of Stoned vs. Drunk vs. Sober fame), Stephanie Pace, Cody Cartagena, and Kelsey Rodgers have drawn inspiration from likes of SNL, Mad Tv, Key and Peele, Kids in the Hall, In Living Color and many other nationally recognized sketch comedy shows.

Bad Example sitting on a stoop.
Bad Example is the only Sketch group doing new shows weekly (Credit: Katey Pengra w/Skippy Leland Photography).

By moving Bad Example to a weekly show, Whitaker has taken the group in a direction that no other sketch group in Austin has gone before. Creating a sketch show is hard enough, but doing a new show weekly requires even more time and confidence. Let me reiterate, that’s a one hour show of brand new sketches every week, and Bad Example is doing it with no sponsors, or advertisers. They’re are going all in, all on their own.

Bad Example has Good Intentions

Their next show is this Saturday, December 13th and it has an a special attachment to it. Whitaker and crew are doing this show to benefit the Austin Children’s Shelter. Austin Children’s Shelter  is an important charity in our city. It’s two locations provides a much needed safe place for children who’ve experienced abuse or violent domestic situations and they could use every bit of help.

Having a heart is a something I’ve noticed in the Austin Comedy scene, and I am happy to hear that the notion of kindness and helping others continues to be a underlying theme among local performers. Sure it’s the holiday season, and I know the pressures associated with it. But what better way to support an important charity than by having a few laughs with friends?

50% of ticket sales will go to ACS and there will also be a donation bucket at the box office. Whitaker let me know that gift cards are also encouraged (Target, Walmart, Gap, etc.). It’s a cool way to give the kids a gift and to let them shop a bit for the holidays.

Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door. This show is prone to selling out so to be safe, buy them in advance. It will be a good time.

The New Movement Theater

Bad Example

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